Les amants d’un jour - English version

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Les amants d’un jour

Robert Capa and Ingrid Bergman first met in Paris in early 1945, and a few weeks later, they found themselves in a Berlin submerged in rubble. In that inferno, their love story began, and it was during those days that a famous photo by Carl Goodwin was taken, portraying the actress sitting in a broken bathtub found among the debris. The idea had been Capa's, who considered it a scoop to photograph Bergman (albeit clothed) in a bathtub. Unfortunately, the rolls he shot on that occasion were lost, and so today only this image remains to testify to the "behind the scenes" of that scene.

29 - Ingrid Bergman in una vasca da bagno29 - Ingrid Bergman in una vasca da bagno

© Carl Goodwin - Collection Capa/Magnum Photo - All rights reserved


The two lovers moved to Hollywood, but the Hungarian photographer struggled to adapt to that artificial world. In April 1946, Robert Capa returned to New York. Ingrid Bergman visited him the following month, but it was becoming clear to everyone that a lasting relationship would be impossible: their destinies were too far apart, and Capa seemed almost relieved when his work forced him to return to Europe. That spring marked the end of their brief but intense love affair; Ingrid understood this and wrote to a friend, "we are drinking the last bottles of champagne".


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